Hellenic Society for Systemic Studies (HSSS)

promotes the unity of sciences by spreading out the Systems Approaches for managing complexity

Welcome Note

HSSS is a scientific non-profit society whose goal is to advance the Systemic Studies with the use of systemic multi-methodologies applied effectively in real life up to date problems.

Past Conferences

Have a look at our HSSS Past Conferences. For each year’s Conference and In PDF Files per year you will see the Full Program and the Abstracts of the Presented Papers, Workshops, Digital Papers, Professional Panels and Professional Round Tables.

International Journal

IJASS is the HSSS supported international journal dedicated to publishing quality manuscripts on all aspects of systemic analysis, from both a practical and an academic viewpoint.

CSAP Professional
Post-Graduate Program

University of Piraeus – Research Centre in collaboration with the Greek Society for Systemic Studies (HSSS) carry the Professional Program CSAP (Certified Systemic Analyst Professional), conferring the CSAP Job Title Graduate Level (Professional Post-Graduate Certification). The CSAP is certified by the State (ΚΠ 328) and ISO 9001. The CSAP also follows all of the procedures specified in ISO 17024.

Hellenic Society of Systemic Studies