HSSS Gold Medal

The HSSS Gold Medal

The HSSS Gold Metal is presented for:

  • Significant scientific contribution to the field of Systems Science that represents a breakthrough or milestone in the field;
  • Demonstrated service to the HSSS and to the Systems International Community as a role model that shows dedication to the advancement of the Systems Approach.

Noteworthy lifetime contribution to the System Sciences, in the spirit of the HSSS’s aims, principles, and core values.

Award Criteria for the HSSS Gold Metal:

  • Academic achievements demonstrated through at least a Doctoral Degree;
  • Professional achievements demonstrated through a Professor’s academic position at an accredited University, or a leadership position (i.e. CEO) in an Organization in the private of public sectors;
  • Lifetime contribution to the System Sciences, during a career spanning at minimum of 25 years;

Significant contribution to the Systems Sciences, demonstrated through a minimum of 25 publications in peer reviewed academic journals, or having written at least 10 influential books within the sphere of the Systems Sciences, which have – Participation in at least ten (10) HSSS Conferences.

Hellenic Society of Systemic Studies