Special Issue IJASS 2002-2

Editorial of “Web Information Systems Applications”
Xiaofang Zhou

Online Web Mining Transactions Association Rule s using Frame Metadata Model
Joseph Fong and Jianhan Zhu

Schema Extraction for XML Document Retrieval
Jong P. Yoon and Sungrim Kim

Effective Allocation of Database Buffers by Mining Users’ Access Histories
Ling Feng, Qing Li and Hoi Yuen Leung

Conceptual Levels of SGML Tags: A Proposed Taxonomy Based on the Tagging in the Orlando Project
Stan Ruecker

Pre-Fetching Web Pages through Data Mining Based Prediction
W. Zhang, B. Xu, W. Song and H. Yang

Adaptive Data Mediation over XML Data
Hui Lin, Tore Risch and Timour Katchaounov

Web Learning Assessment and Adaptive Tutoring
Timothy K. Shih, Shi-Kuo Chang, Jianhua Ma and Runhe Huang

Enabling Cost-Effective Light-Weight Disconnected Workflow for Web-based Teamwork Support
Yun Yang

Visualization of Linear Time-Oriented Data: a Survey
Sonia Fernandes Silva and Tiziana Catarci

Database and Modelling Strategy: A Compliant Way for Display Optimisation
Nathalie Farenc, Frederic Sidler, Albert Ferrando and Daniel Thalmann

Exploration of Geographic Databases: Supporting a Focus+Context Interaction Style
Serafino Cicerone, Daniele Frigioni and Laura Tarantino

Visual Support for Information Retrieval Based on Linear Algebra
J. Hou, Y. Zhang, J. Cao, W. Lai and D. Ross

Hellenic Society of Systemic Studies