HSSS Aims & Scope

The basic scope of Professor N.A. Assimakopoulos – who has been the inspirator (driving force) for the foundation of HSSS – and the of the other members who have contributed to the same idea, has been the creation of a National body in the field of Systems Theory and Application, the representation of HSSS in international fore and the participation of HSSS members in international scientific activities.

The aims of HSSS focus on the development and application of systemic approach in scientific fields and in the actual practice as it is described in its own charter.

The organization of National Conferences pertaining to Systems as they mainly apply to Greek Society. HSSS will work towards the establishment of the profession of a System Analyst in Greece.

The International Scientific JASS (Journal of Applied System Studies) will be supported by HSSS which will be offered electronically, by its Publisher “Cambridge International Science Publishing”, for free to the HSSS members, and thus HSSS conveys its worm appreciation for such an offer to the said publisher.

The Scientific fields and fields of application in which the HSSS members specialized on and work together with Greek and other colleagues who belong to international scientific societies and for a are indicatively the following:

  • Business Administration
  • Information Technology
  • Social Systems
  • Strategy and Cybernetics
  • Systems Application in Medicine
  • Bio-technology and Information Systems
  • Virtual Organizations and Entities
  • Public Governance Systems
  • Banking Systems
  • Anthropocentric Systems (Human-centered)
  • Law Systems
  • Religious Systems
  • Design of Educational Systems
  • Systems Thinking in TQM
  • E.c.t.

Hellenic Society of Systemic Studies