HSSS Fellowship

HSSS Fellowship (FHSSS)

HSSS Fellow is a distinction reserved for the Full Members of HSSS with demonstrated service to the Systems Community and a strong dedication to the advancement of the Systems Approach, in the spirit of the HSSS’s aims, principles and core values. The HSSS Grade of Fellow is conferred by the Board of Directors of the HSSS upon a person with an extraordinary record of accomplishments the field of Systems Science, who has demonstrated outstanding proficiency and has achieved distinction in his or her profession. Each new Fellow receives a framed certificate and a brief citation describing the accomplishment, and a congratulatory letter from the HSSS President. The FHSSS phrase may be used by the HSSS Fellow after his surname in any written or/and electronic communication.

Criteria for Selection – Candidates for HSSS Fellow nomination must meet as many of the following basic requirements:

01. A minimum of five years in the faculty of an accredited University or/and five (5) years after the CSAP Professional Certification, and/or a minimum of eight years’ experience in industry, in a position related to the disciplines associated with the Systems Sciences;
02. Experience in applied research, demonstrated through the practical application of systems knowledge to significant issues concerning resources, managerial, and/or societal problems as an avenue of contribution to the Systems Sciences, made in academe, industry or governmental agencies at all levels.
03. Significant contribution to the field of the Systems Sciences, demonstrated through publications in peer reviewed academic journals, Ph.D. thesis or having written several influential books within the sphere of the Systems Sciences, which have advanced knowledge and understanding of the Systems Approach;
04. Reviewer for or editor of published scientific articles or reference material in the field of the Systems Sciences in recognized journals or books;
05. Teaching or supporting in either graduate or undergraduate formal education programs;
06. Participation in presentation of specialized training in applied programs, short courses, etc.;
07. Preparation of educational materials (textbooks, manuals, short-course guides, etc.);
08. Participation in the leadership of professional associations, scientific societies; and/or trade organizations;
09. Participation in at least ten national and/or International Conference within the sphere of the Systems Sciences;
10. Participation in at least three HSSS scientific events and/or Conference.

The nature of the contributions to Systems Science made by the Fellowship candidate may take many forms. The criteria listed above are not intended to be exclusive or restrictive, but merely serve as a set of examples. The criteria listed are not intended to represent any order of importance, but rather exemplify activities commonly presented as reasonable qualifications for Fellowship.

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